Gomble Games receives $10 million for blockchain game development – exciting plans ahead

Gomble Games Secures $10 Million for Blockchain Game Development

Gomble Games, a company specializing in creating games based on blockchain technology, has announced raising $10 million in funding from renowned venture capital firms. With this support, Gomble Games plans to deliver unique gaming experiences to casual players worldwide, implementing sustainable reward systems.

Funding from Leading Investors

The list of investors supporting the development of Gomble Games is impressive, including entities such as Binance Labs, Spartan, Hashed, Shima Capital, Animoca Brands, Altos Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Foresight Ventures, and BigBrain Holdings. This array of partners not only ensures stable financing for the company but also provides valuable contacts and support for further growth.

Planned Investments and Platform Development

Gomble Games intends to use the raised funds to expand its platform, including the introduction of a gaming-as-a-service (GaaS) model. Additionally, the company aims to transform the experience from Web2 games to a blockchain ecosystem, merging traditional gaming with modern emergent economics.

DAO Platform and Management Model

One of the key steps in Gomble Games’ plans is to build a DAO platform that enables users to actively participate in ecosystem development by voting on various issues related to the company. Management proposals, enhancements, marketing strategies, or game production will be subject to decisions made by the player community.

Integrating Blockchain Technology in the Gaming Sector

Gomble Games seeks to accelerate the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, transitioning from Web2 game models to a Web3 environment. The company focuses on fair tokenomics and stable governance, offering players the opportunity to earn $CRT governance tokens by participating in tournaments.

Jihoon Byun Leading the Team

Heading the company is Jihoon Byun, former COO of 111Percent, with extensive experience in game development and publishing. The Gomble Games team consists of professionals with successful backgrounds in Web2 and Web3 technologies, having previously worked at organizations such as Google, SK Telecom, and Kakao Brain.