Lumino Company: revolutionary solution for artificial intelligence – $2.8 million for development!

Lumino Secures $2.8 Million for Development of AI Computing Protocol

Founded in July 2023 by Eshan Chordia and Yogesh Darji, Lumino has announced the success of their recent $2.8 million Pre-Seed funding round. Renowned market players such as Longhash Ventures, Inception Ventures, Protocol Labs, TRGC, L2IV, Zero Knowledge Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Quaker Capital Investments, OrangeDAO, and Escape Velocity were among the investors.

What Does Lumino Do?

Lumino is a company aiming to construct an integrated hardware and software computing protocol tailored to the needs of artificial intelligence. Its primary goal is to reduce the high costs associated with computations required for training AI models. Lumino’s protocol utilizes economic incentives, blockchain technology, and SDKs for developers to efficiently train AI models.

Founders of the Company

Eshan Chordia, one of Lumino’s founders, brings impressive experience in crypto-economics, having previously worked on Filecoin at Protocol Labs. He also boasts accomplishments such as building an advanced AI-based wildfire risk model at and creating the Nootry mobile app, which assists users in finding healthy food options in restaurants.

Yogesh Darji, the other Lumino founder, specializes in IT infrastructure with experience at companies like TaxBit and Twilio. He has worked on distributed systems in AWS and created a carpooling app designed to address urban traffic issues.

Lumino’s Innovative Approach

With Lumino SDK, customers can quickly begin training AI models without lengthy configuration requirements. Moreover, the company claims that their solution can reduce computational costs by up to 80% compared to traditional cloud providers, marking a revolutionary advancement in the AI industry.

The investors’ decision to support Lumino in their Pre-Seed funding reflects trust in the founders and confidence in the potential value Lumino can bring to the AI solutions market. Despite its young age, Lumino is already gaining recognition in the industry and promises many exciting achievements in the future.