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NFT in full bloom: Captain Tsubasa, metaverse, and $1 billion investments

The Captain Tsubasa Game with NFT Makes Its Debut on the Oasys Blockchain Platform

According to the latest information, the game based on non-fungible tokens (NFT) Captain Tsubasa has premiered on the Oasys blockchain. This production, inspired by the popular Japanese manga, has gained recognition among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers interested in innovative solutions in the gaming industry.

Korean University Collaborates with LG to Launch Metaverse

Another significant event is the launch of a metaverse by a Korean university in collaboration with an LG subsidiary. This innovative initiative in the augmented reality space has attracted considerable interest from the academic community and the technology industry, setting an example of emerging trends in the virtual reality field.

Investments in Blockchain Games Close to Reaching $1 Billion

Investments in blockchain games have approached an impressive $1 billion mark in April. This rapid market growth reflects the increasing interest in innovative solutions and the potential of the virtual gaming sector based on blockchain technology.

Controversies Arise – Dolce & Gabbana and Coffeezilla

The world of NFT is not without controversies. Dolce & Gabbana faced attention due to delays in delivering their non-fungible tokens, leading to a decline in asset value. Additionally, popular YouTuber Coffeezilla revealed an alleged scam involving an AI company Rabbit connected to NFT, casting doubt on the credibility of some entities in the industry.

Innovative Projects in South Korea

The Korean university Yonsei surprised its academic community by launching a virtual metaverse world named “Meta Yonsei” with limited access for students. This is another example of creative use of modern technologies in education and the exploration of virtual reality possibilities.

The above events represent just a glimpse of the rapidly evolving world of NFT. We observe increasing interest, innovation, and controversies surrounding non-fungible tokens, all shaping the future of the digital economy.