Vishing: dangerous verbal manipulation in obtaining money

Vishing – a Dangerous Scam Method Utilizing Verbal Manipulation

Vishing, short for voice phishing, is a currently popular scam method that poses a serious threat to people worldwide, bringing scammers millions of dollars in easily acquired money. This form of attack relies on the use of verbal manipulation by fraudsters who impersonate law enforcement officers, prosecutors, or other authorities to convince the victim to transfer substantial sums of money, threatening severe legal and financial consequences.

The Largest Theft Case in South Korea

One of the regions most affected by vishing is South Korea, where in August 2022, the largest theft case related to a single phishing attack in the country’s history occurred. Scammers utilizing vishing effectively employed verbal manipulation and cultural differences, enabling them to deceive even individuals considered immune to such attacks.

S2W Inc. – an Expert in Combatting Vishing

One of the experts dealing with vishing issues is Sojun Ryu from S2W Inc. in South Korea. According to him, vishing scammers combine psychology and technology to effectively manipulate victims and gain their trust. By skillfully combining verbal manipulation with the use of appropriate applications, scammers can effectively operate on a person’s psyche, leading to desired outcomes.

Warnings and Training on Protection Against Vishing

Representatives of S2W Inc. are planning to deliver a presentation at the Black Hat Asia 2024 conference in Singapore, where they will emphasize the need to exercise exceptional caution even in the face of the most convincing scam schemes. Additionally, they will encourage regular employee training in recognizing scams and criminal methods to minimize the risk of falling victim to vishing.

In conclusion, vishing is a perilous scam method that exploits verbal manipulation and psychological mechanisms to obtain money and sensitive information from its victims. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the risks associated with vishing and continuously enhance one’s knowledge of defense techniques against this type of fraud.