Virtual Entertainment: Hot News from Cryptogaming and NFTs

Activity in the Cryptogaming and NFT Space: Weekly Review

Lately, we have been witnessing a dynamic development in the world of cryptogaming and NFTs, with new games, token distributions, and other exciting events taking place. Decrypt has prepared a review of the most important news and tidbits from this area.

NOT Token from Viral Game Notcoin on The Open Network

One of the upcoming important events is the planned release of the NOT token by the viral game Notcoin on The Open Network (TON) around April 20, coinciding with Bitcoin’s estimated halving. This event is sure to attract the attention of investors and players interested in cryptocurrencies.

Record-Breaking SAGA Token on Binance

The SAGA token from the Saga blockchain network recently set a record on the popular Binance exchange. During the Launchpool campaign offering 45 million tokens to users staking BNB or FDUSD, SAGA gained significant popularity among traders and investors.

BitBoy One – Portable Gaming Console Related to Bitcoin

BitBoy One is an innovative portable gaming console that enables players to engage in play-to-earn mode, emulate classic games, and participate in cryptocurrency airdrop mining. This interesting device introduces a new dimension of gameplay in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Coachella and Avalanche NFT Stamps

The iconic music festival Coachella is introducing a game where participants can collect Avalanche NFT stamps using a dedicated application integrated with OpenSea Wallet. This is a creative utilization of blockchain technology in the entertainment industry.

Nyan Heroes on Solana

The Nyan Heroes game, built on the Solana blockchain, concluded a pre-alpha demo with NFT rewards, offering players the opportunity to earn NYAN tokens. This is another example of the growing gamification based on blockchain technology.

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released a report on crypto gaming, warning against potential employee exploitation. Organizations are emphasizing the need for appropriate regulation in this sector to protect market participants.

Hytopia and Closed Beta Testing

The game Hytopia, based on the Ethereum blockchain, announces closed beta testing after raising $8 million to support the Hychain network. This is an important step in the development of this promising cryptogaming production.

Pixel Vault, Battle Plan, and Reboot Protocol

Pixel Vault presents the game Battle Plan and the Reboot protocol on the Xai platform, based on Ethereum with Arbitrum technology. These are innovative solutions that may capture the attention of blockchain-based game enthusiasts.

Square Enix Collaboration on Ethereum and Avalanche

Square Enix reveals details of the collaboration between the game Symbiogenesis on Ethereum and the game Shrapnel on Avalanche. Players will have the opportunity to acquire NFTs in their quest for treasures, making gameplay even more engaging for the gaming community.

Trala Lab Working on an Ethereum-Based Project

Joycity’s subsidiary, Trala Lab, is working on an Ethereum-based project on the scalable zkSync platform. This is an interesting technological development that could bring new possibilities to the cryptogaming industry.

Today Secures $5 Million in Seed Round

The simulation game Today, based on generative AI and NFTs, has secured $5 million in a seed round from Sfermion and Big Brain Holdings. This significant financial support will enable further development of this ambitious cryptogaming production.