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New opportunities for GUN and NFT token holders thanks to the integration of Gunzilla Games with Fireblocks

Gunzilla Games and Fireblocks Integrate, Offering New Opportunities for GUN Token and NFT Holders

Gunzilla Games has announced its integration with Fireblocks, a leading platform for building blockchain applications, opening up new possibilities for institutional holders of GUN tokens and NFTs. Through this collaboration, GUNZ Validator holders will be able to effectively manage their assets via the Fireblocks platform.

Maximum Security with Fireblocks

Fireblocks ensures security in moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, which is a crucial element for institutional investors and cryptocurrency holders. With this integration, GUNZ Wallet users will have access to non-custodial wallets-as-a-service options, allowing them full ownership and control of their assets in games based on the GUNZ chain.

GUNZ and Its Growing Popularity

Built on a dedicated Avalanche Subnet, the GUNZ platform enables the creation of player economies with full ownership of in-game assets, including NFTs. In its testnet phase alone, the GUNZ platform has already onboarded over 800,000 wallets, indicating a rapidly growing popularity and user interest.

Gunzilla Games Focuses on Collaboration and Development

Established in 2020, Gunzilla Games consistently strives for the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem. It provides its SDK and white-label solutions for other developers looking to launch their games on the GUNZ platform. The first project to be realized on this platform will be the cyberpunk battle royale game Off The Grid, anticipated as a groundbreaking title in the world of video games.

$30 Million Funding for Gunzilla Games

Recently, Gunzilla Games secured significant financial backing, receiving $30 million from CoinFund and Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Fund. This capital will enable the company to advance its projects and continue innovating in the blockchain-based video game industry.

The integration of Gunzilla Games with Fireblocks opens up new possibilities for the world of video games, enhancing security measures and providing users with greater control over their digital assets. This collaboration also represents the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem and the potential of the GUNZ platform as an innovative space for creators and players worldwide.