The Convict of Moldovan Cybercrime Horror

Conviction of Cybercriminal from Moldova

A 31-year-old citizen of Moldova, Sandu Boris Diaconu, has been sentenced to 42 months in federal prison in the United States for operating a series of websites selling access to compromised computers worldwide.

Scope of Operations and Victims of Cybercriminals

Diaconu was the administrator of E-Root Marketplace, where over 350,000 compromised data, including those belonging to companies and individuals from the USA, were found. Among the victims of this operation was at least one government agency in Tampa, Florida.

Dismantling of the E-Root Platform

The E-Root platform was dismantled in 2020, however, the effects of the criminal activities carried out by Diaconu and his accomplices remained tangible.

Arrest and Extradition

Diaconu was arrested while attempting to leave the United Kingdom in May 2021 and extradited to the USA in October of the same year. He pleaded guilty in December, taking a step towards justice for the victims.

Modus Operandi and Consequences of E-Root Marketplace

E-Root operated in an extensive network and took actions to conceal the identities of administrators, buyers, and sellers. Compromised data allowed criminals to access remote computers, steal private information, or modify the content of these computers. Victims of E-Root often fell prey to ransomware attacks, and some stolen data was linked to identity theft-related tax frauds.

Payment Services and Confiscation

E-Root Marketplace used Perfect Money, a legitimate online payment system, to conceal buyers’ payments. Market administrators offered an illegal cryptocurrency exchange service to convert bitcoins to Perfect Money and vice versa. This exchange was also confiscated by US law enforcement, disrupting criminal activities.

The story of Diaconu serves as another warning for cybercriminals about the consequences of operating in the world of technological security.