Convicted for Cybercrime: The Story of Involvement in LockBit Ransomware Operation

Conviction for Involvement in LockBit Ransomware Operation

Russian-Canadian citizen Mikhail Vasiliev has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for his involvement in the LockBit ransomware operation. This case is one of many examples of the ongoing fight against cybercrime, which is becoming increasingly international and complex.

Fine and Participation in Attacks

Vasiliev was also fined $860,000 for his participation in LockBit group attacks. He admitted to targeting at least three organizations in Canada, extorting them and demanding immense ransom amounts.

Ransomware Attacks and Accountability

Mikhail Vasiliev is accountable for a series of ransomware attacks with ransom demands ranging from 5 to 70 million euros. His actions have been classified as those of a cyber terrorism actor motivated by greed, aiming to extort money from victims.

Operation Kronos and Arrests

The operations of LockBit were dismantled in February 2024 as part of Operation Kronos, during which 34 servers and 200 cryptocurrency accounts were seized. Six suspects associated with LockBit, including Vasiliev, were arrested.

Global Collaboration in Combating Cybercrime

The case of Vasiliev and the dismantling of the LockBit group are also evidence of the growing international collaboration in combating cybercrime. Breaking down the structures of such groups requires joint efforts and close coordination between countries.


The conviction of Mikhail Vasiliev for his involvement in the LockBit ransomware operation and the dismantling of the group are further steps in the fight against cybercrime. It is important to continuously monitor and develop actions aimed at protecting data and infrastructure from attacks, as well as identifying and punishing the perpetrators.