Preview of the Bitcoin block split: what it brings and what awaits the market?

The Upcoming Bitcoin Block Split: What to Expect?

The upcoming event of the Bitcoin block split is attracting attention for various reasons that could potentially have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. What exactly does this split bring and what are the expectations for the future?

Reduction of Mining Rewards

The planned block split, set to occur around April 20th, will result in a reduction of mining rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This is a significant change that could affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining.

Introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the USA

For the first time in history, the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States is being considered. This event could significantly alter the dynamics of supply and demand for Bitcoin. ETF issuers for Bitcoin futures contracts are accumulating cryptocurrency at a pace that exceeds the creation of new coins, which could have significant implications for the market.

Security and Decentralization of the Network

The increased value of the computerized hashrate makes the Bitcoin network more secure and resistant to attacks than ever before. Furthermore, the geographical distribution of the hashrate is changing towards a more decentralized direction, which could bring additional benefits to the entire network.

Experts’ Forecasts and Analysis

The anticipated period after the Bitcoin block split promises to be interesting due to the favorable dynamics between supply and demand and a stronger network with increased decentralization. Expert Mellerud points out the imbalance between supply and demand, indicating the possibility of a significant increase in the price of Bitcoin in the future.


Although the ultimate effects of the upcoming Bitcoin block split remain uncertain, existing changes in the cryptocurrency ecosystem suggest a significant impact on the dynamics of its price. Time will tell what the long-term consequences of this event will be for the cryptocurrency market.