NOT Token: a new cryptocurrency related to the game Notcoin – what you need to know?

NOT Token on the Horizon: What You Need to Know About the New Cryptocurrency

The announcement of the upcoming NOT Token, a new cryptocurrency related to the popular clicker game Notcoin, has caused quite a stir in the world of cryptocurrencies. Check out what you need to know about this new initiative!

April 20th – NOT Token Release Date

Open Builders, the company behind Notcoin, has announced the launch date of NOT Token on April 20th. This date is not coincidental – it coincides with the anticipated event in the cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin halving, which could contribute to increased attention on the newly introduced digital currency.

Notcoin – Riding the Wave of Success

Notcoin is a clicker game available on the Telegram platform that has gained popularity, attracting millions of players since its launch in January 2024. With a loyal user base of 35 million users, it provides a solid foundation for introducing a new cryptocurrency related to the game.

NOT Token – Opportunities and Releases

NOT Token is set to be launched on the 4/20Pre-market exchange and on platforms such as and The ability to exchange in-game currency for NOT Token, tradable on the Open Network (TON), indicates a significant step forward for Notcoin.

NFT Vouchers and NOT Token Trading

Notcoin has offered its players the option to trade NOT Token early through NFT vouchers. NFT vouchers cost about $52 in Tokencoin (TON) for 10 million in-game currency, and the value of these vouchers has already exceeded $14 million.

Market Potential of NOT Token

The current price of NOT Token is approximately $0.000005, indicating the commitment of enthusiasts to the future value of this cryptocurrency. The Notcoin project is surrounded by speculation, especially due to its “we promise nothing” approach, which shrouds it in mystery.

The project launch date coinciding with April Fools’ Day raises additional questions about the real goals and potential of NOT Token. One thing is certain – the April 20th release may bring many new developments to the digital currency and online gaming market.