Clicker game Notcoin introduces NOT token on TON – how will it affect the cryptocurrency market?

The Clicker Game Notcoin Introduces NOT Token on The Open Network (TON)

The clicker game Notcoin has completed its “mining phase” on Monday and is now gearing up to introduce the NOT token on The Open Network (TON) around April 20. This date coincides with the planned Bitcoin halving event, which may impact the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Halving and the NOT Token

Bitcoin halving is a periodic event that involves cutting in half the amount of BTC mined by miners. Its purpose is to control inflation and limit the emission of new coins. This event typically correlates with a rise in the price of Bitcoin. The launch date of the NOT token aligns with this occurrence, potentially affecting its valuation in the cryptocurrency market.

Notcoin – A Game with Millions of Players

Notcoin is a game that has been publicly available since January and has gained popularity among players. Currently, it has attracted over 35 million users, with more than 6 million actively playing every day. Players have the opportunity to mine Notcoins in the game, which will later be converted to the NOT token, exchangeable on The Open Network.

Trading and Investments in Notcoin

The game Notcoin enables players to speculate on the price of the NOT token through pre-market trading using NFT vouchers. Investors can convert their assets in the form of NFTs on The Open Network, and then exchange them for the on-chain token. On the GetGems platform, an NFT voucher worth 10 million Notcoins costs around 52 USD in Toncoin (TON). The total value of Notcoin’s NFT vouchers transactions has surpassed 14 million USD.

In conclusion, Notcoin, a popular clicker game, is gearing up to introduce the NOT token on The Open Network in April. The launch date of the NOT token coincides with the Bitcoin halving, potentially influencing the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. The game has attracted millions of players, providing them with opportunities for investment and speculation using NFT vouchers.