Mysten Labs presents Pilotfish: a breakthrough in increasing blockchain throughput

Mysten Labs Company Achieves Breakthrough in Blockchain Throughput Enhancement

Mysten Labs has announced the launch of an innovative extension called Pilotfish, which has led to a significant improvement in blockchain throughput. The prototype system Pilotfish was introduced as part of an extensive scientific concept named “Pilotfish: Distributed Transaction Execution for Lazy Blockchains.”

Pilotfish Increases Blockchain Throughput up to 8x

By implementing the Pilotfish extension, the blockchain throughput has been boosted by up to 8 times, using 8 machines. This accomplishment confirms the potential for linearly scaling the system, marking a significant advancement in blockchain technology.

Reducing Latency and Low-Latency Horizontal Scaling

During testing, Mysten Labs observed that transaction latency decreased as more machines were added, demonstrating the possibility of low-latency horizontal scaling. Thanks to the Pilotfish solution, a single validator can concurrently utilize multiple servers, thus eliminating constraints related to core counts and hardware expenses.

Delay-Free Horizontal Scaling

The Pilotfish extension enables horizontal scaling by adding servers without execution delays, contributing to smoother system operation. By segmenting validation functions into three key roles: Primary, SequencingWorkers (SWs), and ExecutionWorkers (EWs), the system can operate more efficiently while simultaneously increasing its capacity.

Planned Improvements in the Pilotfish Solution

Mysten Labs announces further enhancements to the Pilotfish solution, such as additional SequencingWorkers, shard replication, and the implementation of a high-speed computer network. These changes aim to further enhance scalability, reduce latency, and support diverse workloads, making the system operate even more efficiently and effectively.