Mark Feygin and his innovative application: How to undermine Vladimir Putin’s legitimacy?

Mark Feygin is Developing an App Aimed at Challenging Vladimir Putin’s Legitimacy

Mark Feygin, a well-known exiled activist and former lawyer for the Pussy Riot group, has decided to launch an innovative initiative aimed at challenging Vladimir Putin’s legitimacy. As part of his efforts, Feygin has created an application based on blockchain technology, designed to allow Russians to participate in a referendum expressing their opinion on the legality of recent elections in Russia.

The Russia2024 App Based on Blockchain Technology

The Russia2024 app project was developed using an innovative solution for secure, surveillance-resistant voting known as Freedom Tool. This tool utilizes blockchain technology and zero-knowledge cryptography, ensuring a high level of security and voter anonymity.

The Voting Process Through the App

Individuals interested in participating in the referendum must download the Russia2024 app on their Android or iOS devices. As part of the identity verification process, users are required to scan their passports using the mobile application. This ensures the authenticity of the votes cast.

Lack of App Audit Confirmation

Despite assurances from Mark Feygin and information on the official Russia2024 app website suggesting an audit conducted by the Halborn company, there is no publicly available evidence confirming this claim. Even with Rarimo’s declaration of auditing the project, there is no specific documentation confirming the actual review of the application.

It is important to note that absolute transparency in the auditing process is a key element in building trust in such innovative technological solutions. In the case of the Russia2024 app, there is a need to publicly release documentation from the conducted audits to verify the promised secure and reliable functionality. Waiting for this information to be made available is a reasonable demand from the community using this application.