Increase in Cybercriminal Activity During Ramadan: How to Protect Yourself?

Ramadan and the Surge in Cybercriminal Activity

The approaching month of Ramadan, observed by Muslims worldwide, not only brings increased online shopping activity and charitable initiatives but unfortunately also a rise in the risk of cybercriminal activities. During a time when the community focuses on religious practices and values, cybercriminals attempt to exploit this opportunity for fraud and theft. Research indicates a noticeable increase in cybercriminal activities online, particularly targeting residents of the Middle East, especially in countries such as Saudi Arabia.

The Increase in Online Fraud

Security company Firma conducted a study revealing that online fraud targeting consumers in the Middle East region, notably in Saudi Arabia, resulted in financial losses exceeding $16 billion. Cybercriminal activities during holiday seasons typically intensify, taking advantage of increased retail and online activity, which can lead to significant financial damages.

Methods of Online Fraud

The methods used by cybercriminals are diverse and include various actions such as donation scams, employment-related fraud, fake selling points, impersonation of logistics providers, and financial fraud. Additionally, scams related to cryptocurrencies are becoming a common target for cybercriminals.

Recommendations for Online Users

In light of increased cybercriminal activity, caution is advised when using the internet. It is important to avoid sharing personal and payment information on suspicious websites and to carefully monitor any dubious online behaviors. If in doubt about the credibility of a website or a received message, it is advisable to consult relevant law enforcement authorities and report suspected fraud.


In an era of increasingly advanced technologies, threats associated with online fraud pose a significant challenge for internet users. Therefore, staying informed about current methods employed by cybercriminals and exercising particular caution while using the internet are crucial for protecting personal data and avoiding falling victim to modern online scams, especially during such an important period as Ramadan.