Rescue Operation: India Saves Citizens from Captivity in Cambodia

The Indian Government Rescues Citizens from Captivity in Cambodia

The Indian government has carried out a rescue operation to save approximately 250 citizens who were held captive in Cambodia. The kidnapped individuals were forced to engage in online scams, violating their basic rights and dignity.

Scheme of Exploiting Citizens for Online Fraud

The affected citizens were employed under the guise of legitimate work but were coerced into carrying out illegal activities in cyberspace. Criminal groups used them for online fraud, such as “romance scams,” where victims were manipulated into investing in fictitious cryptocurrency companies.

Collaboration with Cambodian Authorities and Indian Agencies

India is currently collaborating with Cambodian authorities and Indian agencies to dismantle the individuals responsible for this organized criminal scheme. An Interpol report has labeled this situation as large-scale fraud financed by human trafficking, requiring urgent action.

Investigation into Cryptocurrencies

According to Chainalysis, associated with a criminal group from Myanmar, cryptocurrency wallets used in online scams registered a sum of approximately 100 million dollars. It is suspected that some of these funds came from ransom payments made by the families of the victims.

Threat to Cryptocurrencies

Chainalysis has observed that cybercriminals are exploiting a feature in Ethereum called CREATE2 to bypass security measures and gain unauthorized access to funds. The attacks involve deceiving users into approving transactions for smart contracts, opening the door to cryptocurrency theft.

Conclusions: The case of exploiting citizens for online fraud and large-scale human trafficking calls for a resolute response through investigation and international cooperation. It also serves as a warning to cryptocurrency users about the increasing threat posed by cybercriminals who are continuously refining their attack techniques.