Hacker attacks and cybersecurity incidents – latest events

Companies and Institutions Facing Hacker Attacks and Cybersecurity Incidents

In recent weeks, many companies and institutions have been experiencing serious issues related to cybersecurity. Hacker attacks have led to severe data breaches and disruptions in access to IT systems. Below, we present the latest incidents and their consequences:

Cyber Attack on Veterinary Company CVS

Veterinary company CVS is struggling with significant operational disruptions caused by a cyber attack. This attack has resulted in unauthorized access being cut off from the IT systems. Consequently, it has become necessary to migrate the IT infrastructure to the cloud to ensure the security of patient and employee data.

Legislative Initiatives to Defend Personal Data

Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers are proposing a bill to protect personal data. The aim of the new law is to limit the collection of personal data by technology companies and empower individuals to control their information. The initiative seeks to strengthen the privacy and data protection of users in the digital world.

Hacker Attack on Consulting Firm Greylock McKinnon Associates

Consulting firm Greylock McKinnon Associates, collaborating with the Department of Justice, reveals alarming details about a hacker attack. Over 340,000 individuals were exposed to data leaks, including Medicare insurance numbers and social security numbers. This incident poses a serious threat to the privacy and security of personal data.

Data Breach of Home Depot Employees

Home Depot is facing a data breach of its employees through third-party websites. There are concerns about the safety of employees’ personal information, but as of now, there is no information about customer financial data being compromised. This situation highlights the necessity of reinforcing personal data protection in today’s business world.

Bug Bounty Rewards Program by Crowdfense Group

Crowdfense Group announces a bug bounty rewards program worth up to 30 million dollars. Initially proposed at 10 million dollars, the reward has been increased to encourage ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in system security. This initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity by collaborating with experts in information security.

New Applications of Malware Latrodectus in Phishing

Hackers are utilizing a new type of malware called Latrodectus in phishing campaigns since November 2023. This software allows for the downloading of additional files and the execution of arbitrary commands, increasing the risk of attacks on IT systems and sensitive user data. With the growing number of cyber attacks, raising awareness and taking actions to protect data online has become imperative.