“The Dark World of LockBit: Russian Citizen Leads Ransomware Gang”

Russian Citizen Dmitry Khoroshev Allegedly Leading LockBit Ransomware Gang

An international coalition of law enforcement agencies, including the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the British National Crime Agency, has taken action to restore the Dark Web site of the notorious ransomware group LockBit. The site had previously been disrupted and taken down earlier this year by the coalition.

Dmitry Khoroshev – Alleged Leader of LockBit

According to information provided by the British National Crime Agency, the alleged leader of the LockBit group is Russian citizen Dmitry Khoroshev. The official Dark Net LockBit website has returned online with new content suggesting that authorities are planning to disclose further information about the hackers’ activities.

Operation Cronos Against LockBit

Following the announcement of “Operation Cronos” against LockBit in February, the alleged group leader, identified as Dmitry Khoroshev, mocked law enforcement, claiming that the impact of his elimination is exaggerated. The coalition of law enforcement agencies announced the takeover of the LockBit site, blocking it, and replacing it with content aimed at intimidating hackers.

History and Activities of LockBit

LockBit was first detected in 2019 and has become one of the most active ransomware groups globally, bringing its members millions of dollars in ransom payments. Recently, the hacking collective vx-underground revealed information suggesting that the LockBit administrative staff claims that police actions are unfounded. The group remains highly resilient, reemerging with a new Dark Web site and regularly updating it with information about alleged victims.


Despite attempts to dismantle and block LockBit’s operations, the group continues to be active and able to carry out its malicious activities. Law enforcement efforts aimed at combating ransomware are ongoing, which may lead to further interventions to disrupt criminal activities on the internet.