“Futureproofing CBDC: Innovative Strategies and Technical Challenges”


Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) systems currently face numerous technical and legal-economic challenges that require thorough analysis and the development of appropriate solutions. Research on the application of reinforcement learning technologies may open up new perspectives for the development of CBDC.

Scalability Issues in CBDC Systems

One of the main challenges facing CBDC systems is difficulties related to scalability. Delays in processing large transactions, long response times, and network congestion are issues that require urgent resolution.

Reinforcement Learning-Based Solution

According to the latest research, one potential solution for CBDC problems could be the utilization of reinforcement learning techniques. This innovative method may contribute to streamlining the operation of CBDC systems and enhancing their efficiency.

Differences Between CBDC and Bitcoin

Specialists are analyzing the differences between central bank digital currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in terms of their legal implications. Understanding these differences can influence the development of regulations regarding CBDC and define their place in the global financial system.

Proposals for a Universal CBDC

In light of discussions about CBDC, proposals are emerging regarding the creation of a universal model of central bank digital currency. Key to this is defining the motivations, opportunities, and potential threats associated with such a solution.

Stability and Functionality of CBDC

Central bank digital currencies should reflect a cautious approach in terms of usage and expectations from central banks. It is important to ensure the stability of CBDC values and enable the central bank to effectively monitor and regulate their usage.

The Future of CBDC

Despite the promising potential of CBDC, before their widespread implementation, many technical, legal, and economic issues need to be addressed. The deployment of CBDC must be carefully planned and secured to avoid potential complications.

Central Bank Supervision of CBDC

The increasing role of central bank supervision in financial stability concerning central bank digital currencies is becoming a key element of the debate. It is necessary to define legal and operational frameworks for supervising CBDC to ensure financial safety and stability.


Analysis of the aforementioned issues represents a significant step towards fully understanding the potential and challenges associated with central bank digital currencies. Research and discussions in this area allow for preparation for the evolution of financial and technological systems in the era of digital transformation.