“TussMart.com/Wap – Trap for Investors or Unjust Accusation?”

TussMart.com/Wap – Fraud or Unjust Accusation?

Is the cryptocurrency exchange platform TussMart.com/Wap really what it claims to be, or does it pose a serious threat to potential investors? Various institutions and cryptocurrency industry experts have issued a unanimous verdict – fraud.

Registered Domain, Lack of Credibility

The domain name of the website, tussmart.com/wap, was registered on November 12, 2020, causing significant concerns among experts. Despite claims by the owners about the company operating since 2018, the lack of any official entries in the UK Companies House database raises doubts about their credibility.

Lack of Evidence of Cryptocurrency Ownership

TussMart.com/Wap offers investors various cryptocurrency contracts with promises of high returns. Unfortunately, there is a lack of concrete evidence of actual cryptocurrency ownership to substantiate the platform’s spectacular promises.

Lack of Contact Information and Aggressive Advertising

The absence of a phone number or email address on the platform’s website represents another alarming signal. Reliable companies typically provide their contact information to clients. Additionally, the aggressive advertising on social media platforms, characteristic of pyramid schemes, raises serious doubts about the credibility of TussMart.com/Wap.

User Complaints and Website Errors

There is an increasing number of complaints from users who have invested in TussMart.com/Wap but have not received the promised returns. The lack of customer support, unavailability of contact information, and a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors on the website are clear indicators that the platform may not be reputable.


An analysis of TussMart.com/Wap points to numerous alarming factors that should prompt potential investors to exercise extreme caution. The absence of a specific cryptocurrency confirming the promises, lack of basic contact information, aggressive advertising, numerous complaints, website errors – all these should serve as warning signs for investors. It is recommended to exercise utmost caution and avoid investing in suspicious cryptocurrency exchange platforms like TussMart.com/Wap.