Threats and Innovations in the World of Artificial Intelligence: What Does the Future of Technology Hold?

Vulnerabilities in the Gemini System: Threat or Opportunity?

Recent research has brought disturbing reports about vulnerabilities in the Gemini system, the latest family of models by Google. According to a report published by Kenneth Yeung from Hidden Layer, three potential loopholes were discovered that could be exploited to manipulate content in this advanced artificial intelligence system.

Google’s Restrictions on Responses Regarding Elections in India

Google has announced restrictions on queries related to elections for which Gemini provides answers in India. This decision aims to minimize the potential impact of misinformation on the upcoming elections, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process.

Security Report on the Gemini System

One of the latest reports describes an alarming incident where researchers provided the Gemini Ultra model with instructions to bypass security measures and manipulate content, in this case – writing a short story instructing how to break into a Honda Civic engine.

Dispute between New York Times and OpenAI

The issue of copyrights in the artificial intelligence industry remains a hot topic of discussion. New York Times denied allegations of “hacking” OpenAI, yet the battle over copyrights could have significant implications for the development of this branch of technology.

Report on Leakage of Information from Public Repositories

A report by GitGuardian revealed the shocking scale of confidential information leakage from public repositories. According to data, in 2023 developers unintentionally exposed approximately 12.8 million confidential data, highlighting the urgent need to raise awareness about information security.

Artificial Intelligence Act in the European Parliament

The European Parliament has approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, aiming to create risk categories for AI technologies. This initiative seeks to enhance control over the development of artificial intelligence and ensure the safety of users and communities.

Updates from Microsoft, Cerebras Systems, Bluesky, and Kaspersky

Microsoft is introducing a new service, Copilot for Security, based on language models to enhance cybersecurity. Meanwhile, the startup Cerebras Systems announces new WSE-3 chips designed for training AI models, and Bluesky presents a moderation tool called Ozone to decentralize the moderation process on the platform.

At the same time, Kaspersky revealed a malvertising campaign that utilized malicious ads in search engines, underscoring the importance of awareness and protection against cyber threats.

Court Verdict for Bitcoin Fog Operator

The operator of Bitcoin Fog has been convicted of various crimes related to money laundering. This verdict represents one of many steps taken to combat cryptocurrency-related crimes.


Vulnerabilities in the Gemini system, disputes concerning copyrights, information leakage from repositories, regulations on artificial intelligence, innovations from Microsoft, Cerebras Systems, Bluesky, and Kaspersky, and a legal process related to money laundering by the Bitcoin Fog operator – these are just some of the main topics currently discussed in the world of technology and cybersecurity. In the face of the dynamic ICT sector development, issues related to data security and ethics in technology are becoming increasingly crucial.