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Threat of blackmail by an anonymous sender: How to defend yourself?

Anonymous Email: Threat of Information Extortion

In today’s world, there is an increasing number of fraud attempts and manipulations through electronic communication methods. One of the dangerous situations is receiving an email from an anonymous sender that contains private information and threats. However, it is important to remain calm and cautious in such situations.

Method of Blackmail and Threat of Sensitive Data Disclosure

The person sending the email threatens to disclose compromising materials, such as recordings or photos, if the victim does not meet certain demands. In this specific case, the sender demands a transfer of a specified amount in Bitcoins to a designated cryptocurrency wallet within 48 hours, claiming to possess confidential information about the victim.

Spyware and Threat of Secrets Exposure

The sender claims to have installed spyware on the victim’s computer, gaining full access to all devices, including the phone. The attack took place through an advertisement on a pornographic website, enabling the hacker to obtain confidential data and sensitive materials.

Attempt at Extortion of Money and Intimidation

The person sending the email demanded a payment of a specified amount in Bitcoins and warned of consequences related to attempting to contact law enforcement agencies. Additionally, a threat to disclose materials recorded on the victim’s devices was made if the demand was not met within a specified timeframe.


In such situations, it is important to remain calm and not make hasty decisions. If a similar email is received, it is advisable to consult with cybersecurity professionals and inform the appropriate authorities about the blackmail attempt.