“The Digitalization Revolution: How Blockchain Avalanche and Alipay+ Are Changing the Transaction Landscape?”

Blockchain Avalanche and Alipay+ Join Forces in Digitalization Field

Blockchain Avalanche, a renowned leader in blockchain technology, and the Chinese payment app Alipay+ have announced a strategic partnership aimed at taking innovative digitalization solutions to the next level. The collaboration between these two powerhouses aims to integrate Web 3.0 technology with everyday transactions, opening up new possibilities for users.

Alipay+ D-store: Comprehensive Digitalization Solution

The partnership between Blockchain Avalanche and Alipay+ has led to the introduction of a comprehensive digitalization solution called Alipay+ D-store. This new platform combines e-wallet functionalities with an innovative coupon program based on Web 3.0 technology, giving transactions a new dimension.

Coupons and Discounts for Users in Southeast Asia

Platform users can acquire coupons by participating in branded games offered by Avalanche partners in the Southeast Asia region. With these coupons, they can enjoy attractive discounts of up to 50% on milk teas from ten popular brands, available in at least 500 stores.

Powerful Avalanche Subnet Network

The Alipay+ D-store program is fully powered by the Avalanche Subnet network, ensuring smooth and secure platform operation, opening it up to over 100 million users primarily from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The Future of Digitalization based on Web 3.0

The Avalanche partnership with Alipay+ marks the first step in a proof of concept (POC) project. The second part of the project will focus on collaborating with vendors in the food industry. Such projects aim to leverage Web 3.0 solutions to enhance user interaction and engagement.

Collaboration Opens New Opportunities

The Web 3.0-based coupon program opens doors for further exploration of collaborations with other brands, particularly those interested in digital collectibles and blockchain-based tools. The partnership between Avalanche and Alipay+ represents a significant achievement, accelerating the development of digitalization solutions in the digital economy.

Advanced technologies and an innovative approach to digitalization bring new perspectives to daily transactions and customer interactions, paving the way for the future transformation of payment systems and online commerce.