Tamagotchi(AI) – revolution of virtual pets

Presale on the PinkSale Launchpad Platform: TAMAGOCH(AI) PRESALE

If you are fascinated by childhood memories associated with Tamagotchis and interested in the latest technological trends, then the Tamagotch(AI) project should pique your interest. Tamagotch(AI) is an innovative blend of 90s nostalgia with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, aimed at revolutionizing the world of virtual pets.

TGMT Tokens in the Presale

TGMT tokens will be available for purchase in the presale on the PinkSale Launchpad platform. By participating in this phase of the project, investors can support the development of Tamagotch(AI) and take advantage of attractive bonuses. The Tamagotch(AI) project allows users to raise and evolve their virtual pet using artificial intelligence and a cryptocurrency-supported platform.

Technologies Used in the Project

Physical Tamagotch(AI) are powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Transaction security is ensured by using the Ethereum blockchain, allowing tracking of all operations.

Evolutionary Gameplay and Project Economy

Blockchain integration, evolutionary gameplay, community building – these are the key features of Tamagotch(AI). The TGMT token forms the basis of the project’s economy, enabling users to leverage its functionalities.

Project Roadmap

The development of Tamagotch(AI) spans 4 phases: official launch, community and infrastructure development, growth and maturation, ecosystem expansion and sustainability. Each of these stages is crucial for the project’s further advancement.

Join the Tamagotch(AI) Community

If you want to stay up to date with the progress of the Tamagotch(AI) project and take part in a unique journey at the intersection of nostalgia, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence, be sure to visit the official project website and join the community on social media: