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State Street Corporation is looking for a leader for the digital assets team – are cryptocurrencies the future of finance?

State Street Corporation Seeks Leader for Digital Solutions Team

State Street Corporation has announced its search for a candidate to fill the position of Head of Digital Solutions, reflecting the growing interest in digital assets within the financial sector, such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Attractive Remuneration Offered for the New Role

The individual appointed as Head of Digital Solutions can expect an annual salary ranging from $225,000 to $337,500. The work location is either Boston or London, providing a choice for potential candidates.

State Street Corporation – Investing in Digital Assets

Despite its long history dating back to 1792, State Street has recently ventured into the field of digital assets. The company is investing in this rapidly evolving domain and forming strategic partnerships to strengthen its market position.

Challenges Related to Regulations

However, regulatory challenges present a barrier to banks offering direct services related to storing and trading cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, State Street Corporation is clearly steering its strategy towards digital assets.

Responsibilities of the Head of Digital Solutions

The individual in the role of Head of Digital Solutions will be responsible for executing the strategy for State Street Digital, reporting directly to the Chief Product Officer. The candidate is expected to have extensive experience in digital transformation, change management, and familiarity with next-generation technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Development of the Digital Assets Sector

It is worth noting that in 2021, State Street launched a new division, State Street Digital, to expand its operations into cryptocurrencies, tokenization, CBDCs, and blockchain technology. The trend of investing in and showing interest in digital assets is also observed in other financial institutions like JPMorgan and BNP Paribas.


The ongoing search by State Street Corporation for a leader for the digital solutions team reflects the dynamic growth of the digital assets sector in the world of finance. Technological support and experience in digital transformation are becoming increasingly crucial for firms aiming to stay ahead of market changes.