Simon Mcfadyen Fraud: False Financial Promises on YouTube

Simona Mcfadyena – a False Financial Promises Service

A service run by Simona Mcfadyena, promoted on the YouTube platform, blatantly misleads individuals interested in cryptocurrency trading. It promises the possibility of achieving a regular income from trading, regardless of the market situation.

Service’s Operating Model

Simona Mcfadyena relies on encouraging users to invest in cryptocurrencies and make quick trading decisions to make profits. His claims suggest that one can earn regardless of price volatility and market trends.

Problematic Definition of Income

One of the key issues related to Simona Mcfadyena’s activities is his erroneous definition of income. He claims that one can profit regardless of changes in cryptocurrency prices, but overlooks a crucial aspect – the net value of owned assets. The economic definition of income takes into account both income and changes in asset values, rendering Simona’s model untrue and risky.

Lack of Consideration for Losses

Simon Mcfadyen completely disregards the possibility of losses associated with potential declines in cryptocurrency prices in his actions. In reality, when the price of a chosen currency remains constant, there is no way to generate profits, and in the event of a drop, the investor loses funds. Therefore, Simon’s claims are untrue, as cryptocurrency trading does not guarantee profits in all market conditions.

Violation of Consumer Law

The agreement proposed by Simona Mcfadyena includes a strict no refunds policy “under any circumstances,” which constitutes a serious violation of consumer rights. Such practices are unethical and inconsistent with the principles in the financial market.

Summary – Simona Mcfadyena’s Scam

All actions and financial promises of Simona Mcfadyena’s service are baseless. Its business model relies on false promises, and Simon himself is a fraud who systematically misleads naive investors. It is advisable to exercise utmost caution and avoid any interactions with this service, which does not serve as a credible source of information or earning opportunities.