Revolutionary steps of PSG in the Web3 and SportFi world: Partnership with Chiliz and future plans

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Ventures into the World of Web3 and SportFi with Chiliz

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the most famous and recognizable football clubs in the world, is planning groundbreaking moves in the realms of Web3 and SportFi. The club aims to deepen its engagement by becoming a validator for Chiliz’s fan tokens blockchain. This historic event signifies PSG as the first major football club to invest in blockchain protocol and to reinvest earnings from this source into purchasing its own fan tokens.

Self-Propelling Digital Economy for PSG and Its Fans

PSG’s decision is aimed not only at increasing the club’s revenue but also at building a self-propelling digital economy for itself and its fan base. By executing a buy-back program of fan tokens from external exchanges, the club plans to utilize profit reinvestment mechanisms from transaction fees, creating new economic opportunities for its supporters.

Blockchain Hackathon at Parc des Princes Stadium

In collaboration with Chiliz, PSG plans to organize a blockchain hackathon at Parc des Princes Stadium. This event is intended to attract developers to create decentralized applications utilizing fan tokens on the Chiliz Chain. This innovative approach aims to engage the developer community in the digital ecosystem development of the club.

Investment in Blockchain Infrastructure

Through investing in infrastructural operations on the Chiliz blockchain, PSG signals active participation in the Web3 ecosystem. The club explores unique technological opportunities and becomes a key player in the SportFi industry, setting new standards for sports clubs worldwide.

Exclusive NFT Collections for PSG Fans

Paris Saint-Germain also considers its fans by offering collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This innovative form of exclusive rewards will serve as an additional element connecting the club with its loyal supporters, creating new ways of interaction and engagement.

Partnership with Chiliz as a Key to Success

PSG intends to actively engage in a partnership with Chiliz as a validator, which is a key element in constructing a sustainable tokenomics model for the PSG fan tokens ecosystem. This strategic decision is not only beneficial for the club itself but also for the entire Chiliz ecosystem, of which PSG is becoming an integral part.