“Recruitment Revolution: AI Conducted a Job Interview on Reddit – Braintrust Case Study”

AIR – AI in Recruitment Process: How a Robot Conducted a Job Interview with the Author for a Designer Position on Reddit

Braintrust, a company specializing in the use of blockchain technology in recruitment processes, has created an artificial intelligence tool called AI Recruiter (AIR). AIR aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by conducting autonomous video interviews. One of the breakthrough moments was an interview conducted by AIR with the author for a designer position on the social platform Reddit.

Braintrust: Innovations and Challenges

Braintrust was founded in 2018 with the goal of utilizing blockchain technology in the recruitment field. The company has its own token based on the Ethereum platform, used to reward and create connections between recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers. The market capitalization of the Braintrust token exceeds $175 million, but the company faces challenges such as a decrease in value due to significant investor transactions.

Braintrust’s Aim: Decentralization and Reduction of Fees in the Recruitment Process

Braintrust aims to create a decentralized system that eliminates intermediaries and reduces fees for participants in the job market. It boasts a pool of approximately 750,000 verified candidates serving 2,500 companies, mainly in the fields of engineering, design, and marketing. Additionally, the company has developed an AI Recruiter (AIR) tool that automates the candidate matching process, conducts interviews, and provides recommendations to recruitment managers.

Artificial Intelligence at the Core of Braintrust’s Focus

According to Braintrust, AIR can shorten the selection process from hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to zero within 24 hours. The company is focusing on advancing the field of artificial intelligence and plans to integrate it with the platform in various ways to enhance the job search experience.

Rewards for Users in the Form of Tokens

One of Braintrust’s main principles is to reward users with their token for activity on the platform, allowing them to have stakes in the platform as it evolves. These actions are aimed at increasing community engagement and building loyalty to the platform. The company’s vision revolves around creating groundbreaking recruitment solutions using modern technologies.