Ransomware: Escalating Threat to Businesses and Public Life

Ransomware – a Growing Threat to Organizations Worldwide

The FBI has released an extensive report on the increasing landscape of ransomware-related threats. According to the report, ransomware is becoming an increasingly serious danger for companies and institutions worldwide.

Encryption Tactics Used by Major Ransomware Groups

The FBI report indicates that the five major ransomware groups, namely Alphv, Akira, Roy-al, Black Basta, and LockBit, employ a similar encryption tactic. They encrypt only the initial 4KB of each file, while also adding their gang’s extension to the file name, such as “.lockbit”. This innovative approach makes data recovery even more challenging for attack victims.

Threat to Public Health and Safety

One of the most concerning conclusions of the FBI report is that ransomware operators are willing to escalate their actions to a level that endangers lives. Attacks on healthcare and public institutions can lead to serious disruptions in medical services, and in extreme cases, even patient fatalities. A study conducted by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health confirms that ransomware has a real impact on people’s lives and health.

The Importance of Not Paying Ransoms

Although paying ransoms may seem like a tempting solution for companies affected by ransomware attacks, the FBI warns that it does not guarantee data recovery. Furthermore, funding criminal activity through ransom payments may only incentivize cybercriminals to escalate their actions. A 2022 study by Sophos found that only 4% of companies that fell victim to ransomware were able to recover all their data after paying the ransom.

The Need for Preventive Actions and International Cooperation

Ransomware continues to pose a constant challenge for organizations worldwide. The situation may only worsen if effective preventive actions are not taken. Close international government cooperation is also necessary to combat this growing threat. Only through coordinated efforts can we effectively defend against ransomware attacks and protect our data and infrastructure.