“Project Awakening” – a game from CCP Games with blockchain technology! Sign up for the closed beta now!

CCP Games Announces New Game “Project Awakening” Based on Blockchain Technology

CCP Games, mostly known for the iconic MMO game EVE Online, recently revealed details about their latest project – “Project Awakening.” The game, which combines blockchain technology with a single-shard survival experience, promises an innovative approach to online gaming.

Sign-ups for Closed Beta Now Open

The next round of tests for the game “Project Awakening” is set for May 21, and interested players can already sign up for the closed beta to stay updated on the development of this fascinating production.

Gameplay Set in a Post-apocalyptic Space

The game’s action takes place in a post-apocalyptic space where civilization has led to its own destruction due to unchecked ambition. Players take on roles tasked with survival, rebuilding the world, and fighting for existence in a harsh environment.

Blockchain Technology in the Game

“Project Awakening” aims to enrich gameplay with elements of blockchain technology, although the specifics of which functions will be implemented remain a mystery for now. CCP Games describes crafting a world tied to digital physics, enabling players to build, cooperate, and interact both inside and outside the game through blockchain and cryptography.

Unique Opportunities for Testers

CCP’s CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, claims that testers will have the opportunity to actively co-create the game by developing new features and possibilities using the Carbon Development Platform. While knowledge of the Solidity programming language may prove useful, it is not a requirement to participate in the testing process.

No Release Date Yet

As of now, CCP Games has not yet disclosed an official release date for the game “Project Awakening,” further heightening anticipation among eager fans awaiting its premiere. The announcement of this unique production has garnered significant interest from the gaming community and industry, eagerly awaiting more information about this groundbreaking project.