Planned Bitcoin Halving: What Changes Will It Bring to the Cryptocurrency Market?

Planned Bitcoin Network Halving: What Does It Mean for the Cryptocurrency Market?

The upcoming Bitcoin network halving is one of the hottest topics in the world of cryptocurrencies. What does it mean for investors and enthusiasts of this popular digital currency? The planned reduction in the block reward in the Bitcoin network is set to take place in two weeks, sparking much speculation and forecasts.

Analysts from CryptoQuant and Their Opinions on the Halving

According to analysts from CryptoQuant, the impact of the halving on the price of Bitcoin is weakening. Expecting a reduction in the emission of new coins by 14,000 BTC per month aims to decrease selling pressure from miners. However, the influence of the halving on Bitcoin prices seems to diminish as the emission becomes smaller relative to the total available supply.

Rising Demand from “Whales” as a Key Price Driver

Long-term holders (LTH) are selling at a rate of 417,000 BTC per month, surpassing the emission of new coins. The increase in demand for Bitcoin, especially from large holders or “whales,” appears to be the main factor driving higher prices after the halving. This type of demand growth is currently around 11% per month, historically fuelling price increases.

Long-Term Demand Surpasses Emission – What Does It Mean for Bitcoin Prices?

The demand for Bitcoin from long-term holders exceeds the emission for the first time in history. This could further impact the potential price increase of Bitcoin post-halving. The monthly issuance of Bitcoins has dwindled to just 4% of the total available supply, contrasting with previous halvings.

Summary – What Will the Planned Bitcoin Halving Bring?

In summary, the anticipated Bitcoin halving will reduce the new BTC issuance, which may lead to decreased selling pressure from miners. However, the unprecedented surge in demand from large holders and long-term Bitcoin holders will be a key driving factor for higher prices post-halving. Investors and cryptocurrency market observers are eagerly awaiting how the situation unfolds.