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Phishing Attack in the Cryptocurrency World: Investor Lost Over $101,000 – Shocking Story of Stolen Cryptocurrencies

Phishing Attack in the World of Cryptocurrencies: Investor Loses Over $101,000

Shocking news is coming from the world of cryptocurrencies – an investor has fallen victim to a phishing attack, losing over $101,000 in various cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains. According to the blockchain security company PeckShield, the perpetrator stole a significant sum from the victim’s wallet using sophisticated methods and security vulnerabilities.

Attack Details: What Exactly Did the Investor Lose?

According to data from PeckShield, the investor’s address was stripped of over 237.8 billion OSAK valued at $66,682 from the Osaka Protocol defi project, as well as 287 billion CAW tokens worth $26,490. Additionally, the thief managed to steal 213 HIGH worth $938 and 426 USDT on the Ethereum network.

Other stolen assets include 3,000 USDC on the BNB Chain, including 0.5 PENDLE and 0.1 WBTC on Arbitrum. It is worth noting that despite the attack, the address still holds cryptographic assets valued at $7,000.

Attack Methods and Perpetrators’ Actions

The thieves exploited the function of multiple invocations that allow the execution of multiple smart contract functions in one transaction. This complex approach enabled the perpetrators to carry out numerous operations across different blockchains, making tracking and recovering the stolen funds more challenging.

Warning to the Cryptocurrency Community: Persistent Phishing Threat

In this year’s cryptocurrency landscape, phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common, although their frequency has slightly decreased. Recently, an unidentified market participant lost over $674,000 in USDC, highlighting the continuous threat from scammers.

It is important to note that this incident is not isolated – similar attacks have occurred earlier this year. In one case, the victim lost Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) tokens worth $145,000, while in another instance, a trader parted with over $180,000 in USDC and Andy tokens. Similar to the described attack, the culprits utilized the multiple invocations tactic to transfer funds from the victim’s wallet to wallets controlled by them.

In warning the cryptocurrency community, it is crucial to exercise caution when using digital wallets and investing in blockchain projects to avoid attacks and fund losses.