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On-chain reputation platform for students: revolutionary idea at the University of Cincinnati

On-chain Reputation Platform for Students – an Innovative Idea at the University of Cincinnati

Michael Jones and Jordan Tate, employees of the University of Cincinnati, decided to change the way students showcase their achievements and skills. As a result, a start-up called Carbon Copy Assets (CCA) was created, introducing an innovative on-chain reputation platform for students.

Mobile App Rewarding Student Activities

The mobile app developed by CCA allows students to earn badges and rewards for participating in various campus events, club meetings, as well as engaging in charity and volunteer activities.

Verification of Professional and Life Skills

By using the platform, students will be able to demonstrate both their professional and life skills, such as financial or legal expertise. Thanks to the blockchain-based system, information about their activities will be permanently recorded and publicly accessible.

Revolutionizing Reputation Management and Scholarships for Students

The CCA platform not only addresses the issue related to scholarships, but also enables students to build a positive online image and manage their reputation. This is particularly crucial for student-athletes whose achievements often go unnoticed.

Financial Support and Partnerships for Start-up Development

The CCA start-up received financial support amounting to $115,000 through the UC Venture Lab accelerator program at the 1819 Innovation Hub. Additionally, through a partnership with Microsoft as part of the Startups Founders Hub program, the company has access to up to $150,000 in Azure software credits, significantly accelerating the technological development of the platform.

Goals and Development Perspectives

Carbon Copy Assets aims to collaborate with universities, students, donors, and brand partners to create a comprehensive ecosystem that enables students to work with companies, simplify tax filings, and manage contracts. With an innovative approach to reputation and skills management, CCA has the potential to change how students showcase their achievements and collaborate with employers.