MVL debuts on Bitget Exchange: global expansion of a company specializing in blockchain mobility

MVL Makes Debut on Bitget Cryptocurrency Exchange, Expanding Its Market Presence

MVL, a company specializing in blockchain technology and innovations in mobility, has announced its presence on the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, Bitget. This move aims to increase the number of users globally and strengthen the brand recognition of MVL on the international stage.

MVL – Pioneer in Mobility Services in the SEA Region

Since 2018, MVL has been actively operating in the SEA market, offering innovative mobility solutions. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company has revolutionized the sector by providing services such as the ride-sharing platform TADA and the infrastructure and electric vehicle production company, ONiON Mobility.

MVL on Bitget – A Chance for Global Recognition

The President of MVL, Kay Woo, believes that the company’s presence on the Bitget exchange will attract a significant number of users from around the world. Bitget, located in Singapore, brings together over 20 million traders from more than 100 countries, providing an excellent platform to promote MVL on an international level.

MVL’s Expansion and Zero Commission Strategy

By implementing a zero commission strategy, MVL has facilitated significant growth for the TADA platform in the Singapore market and is now expanding its services to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Additionally, the company is developing a token economy that distributes profits from operational activities to MVL token holders and ecosystem participants.

Planned MVL Expansions in the East Asian Markets

In the future, MVL intends to expand its services to various regions in Asia, promising dynamic growth for the company and further innovations in blockchain-based mobility. Being listed on the Bitget exchange is another step in MVL’s journey towards global reputation and recognition.