Monad raises $225 million for the development of the first-layer blockchain – the latest news from the cryptocurrency industry

Monad Raises $225 Million for First-Layer Blockchain Development

Monad, a company developing an efficient first-layer blockchain compatible with Ethereum, has recently secured an impressive $225 million. These funds are now being directed towards expanding the team through the recruitment of top specialists.

Kevin Canlas Joins as Senior Designer

Kevin Canlas, who previously worked on the NFT collection Isekai Meta and at the smart contract security company Cyfrin, has taken on the role of Senior Designer at Monad. His responsibilities will include leading internal projects and supporting startups evolving within the company’s ecosystem.

SungMo Park Leads APAC and Korea

After his tenure at Polygon Labs, SungMo Park joined Monad as the leader of the Asia-Pacific and Korea regions. This marks the company’s first hire in the APAC region, signaling its expansion into the global market.

Announcement of New Cryptocurrency Economics Researcher Position

Charlie Noyes from Paradigm, a key investor in Monad, has announced an open position for a Senior Cryptocurrency Economics Researcher at the company. This is one of several vacancies currently available, mainly within the engineering department.

Shortage of Marketing Specialists in the Cryptocurrency Industry

According to Stephen Moskowitz, the founder of the recruitment company Web3 Pyxis, the cryptocurrency industry is facing a significant shortage of marketing professionals. There is a lack of individuals specializing in cryptocurrency industry promotion, posing a challenge for many companies.

Employment Changes in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Recently, several significant personnel changes have been observed in companies within the cryptocurrency industry – Wyatt Lonergan has left Circle Ventures, Jack Melnick from Polygon Labs, and Elisha Aswani resigned from Binance. This confirms the dynamic nature of the sector, where frequent workforce rotations are commonplace.