MicroStrategy stock price increase after Bitcoin halving: analysts’ forecast and company investments

Analysts Predict MicroStrategy Stock Price Growth After Bitcoin Halving

Mark Palmer, an analyst from investment firms, has raised his price target for MicroStrategy (MSTR) stock from $990 to an impressive $1875 per share. This decision was made in anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the expected continuation of the upward trend in the cryptocurrency’s prices. The current price of MicroStrategy stock was $1538 on Monday, representing a 125% increase since the beginning of the year and an 8% increase compared to the previous month.

Price Forecast and Bitcoin Outlook

A price forecast of $1875 per share implies a rise in the price of Bitcoin to an impressive $150,000 by the end of 2025, according to information shared by Palmer. The upcoming Bitcoin halving, coupled with the increasing demand for ETFs based on this cryptocurrency, could lead to a so-called “supply shock,” positively impacting the value of this digital asset.

MicroStrategy Investing in Bitcoin

It is worth noting that MicroStrategy has been increasing its holdings of Bitcoin for 15 consecutive quarters, currently owning 214,246 BTC. The company intends to continue investing in Bitcoin, as confirmed by ongoing decisions and transactions, such as the recent $500 million senior convertible note offering aimed at purchasing another batch of this cryptocurrency.

Market Forecasts and Analysis

Analyses indicate that historically, Bitcoin experiences price increases after its halvings. Analysts at Bitfinex also predict a positive scenario, forecasting a price increase of up to 160% to over $150,000 within the next 14 months.


In light of the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, price forecasts for MicroStrategy stock are optimistic. The investment decisions of companies and market analyses suggest further development of this situation and potential growth in the value of digital assets. MicroStrategy, as a company invested in Bitcoin, plays a significant role in this ecosystem, taking further steps to increase its share in this dynamically evolving industry.