“Mega price increase for PUPS and NFTs! Bitcoin breaks NFT sales records! What’s new in the world of cryptocurrencies?”

Boom on the meme coin market: PUPS

The meme coin project PUPS, operating on the Bitcoin blockchain, is currently experiencing a real boom. The price of PUPS has increased by an impressive 1,075% over the last seven days, reaching $45.40. This phenomenal growth is attracting the attention of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

Explosion in NFT PUPS sales

The sale of NFTs as part of the BRC-20 PUPS collection has also seen a huge surge – a 6,948% increase in the past week. The sales volume of NFT PUPS amounted to an impressive $18.4 million, realized through 3,232 transactions, involving 1,161 buyers.

NFT PUPS – a new market sensation

Currently, the minimum price (floor price) of NFT PUPS stands at 61,799 sats, which translates to around 0.46 BTC or $32,655. Meanwhile, the sale of NFTs in the “Uncategorized Ordinals” group reached an impressive amount of $48.15 million in the same period.

Bitcoin leads in NFT sales volume

It is worth noting that the NFT sales volume on the Bitcoin blockchain in the last seven days has surpassed sales on Ethereum and Solana. Ethereum reached $9.38 million, Solana $3.94 million, while Bitcoin reached an impressive $20.97 million.

New standard for fungible tokens: Runes on the way

Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, is working on a new standard for fungible tokens called Runes on the Bitcoin blockchain. The introduction of Runes on the main Bitcoin network is planned after the upcoming Bitcoin halving. This new solution could bring further innovations to the cryptocurrency market.

Franklin Templeton recognizes the growing interest in Bitcoin’s development

Franklin Templeton has observed a growing interest in the development within the Bitcoin environment, stemming from Ordinals, new token standards (BRC-20, Runes), layer solutions, and DeFi applications. This indicates that the cryptocurrency market is evolving dynamically, and the innovations being introduced on the Bitcoin blockchain are gaining increasing recognition and interest.