“MATIC struggles: What will the second quarter bring for Polygon?”

Pessimistic Sentiments Surrounding Polygon (MATIC) Token – What Will the Second Quarter Bring?

The recent days have brought violent changes for the Polygon (MATIC) token, which recently experienced a dynamic surge, reaching a significant support level at $0.93. However, a sudden drop in value on April 1st has made investors’ sentiments more pessimistic. What challenges await us at the beginning of the second quarter? Will the bears take control of the market?

MATIC Value Decline and Market Reactions

Cryptocurrency market analysis indicates that Polygon (MATIC) has experienced a sharp decline in value, affecting not only its price but also investor sentiment and social metrics. Over the past 24 hours, a decrease of over 3% in price was recorded, with a value of $0.9659 and a market capitalization above $9.5 billion, ranking 17th among the largest cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

Selling Pressure and Market Situation

According to Hyblock Capital’s analysis, the main cause of the decline in MATIC’s value was a sudden liquidation process that occurred when the token’s price approached the $1 level. High liquidation indicated strong selling pressure, which often results in price declines. Unfortunately, MATIC failed to test its support near $0.97, suggesting possible further price drops.

Technical Analysis and Future Perspectives

Technical indicators like MACD, RSI, and CMF clearly point towards a bearish dominance in the market. Further downward trend was also supported by CryptoQuant data, signaling an increase in MATIC exchange reserves, indicating strong selling pressure. Investors are currently paying close attention to the support zone around $0.93 as a significant level, breaking of which could have negative consequences for the token’s price.


The situation in the Polygon (MATIC) market is currently tense, with pessimistic sentiments surrounding the token raising concerns among investors. Observing price behaviors and technical indicators in the near future will be crucial to assess the further developments in the cryptocurrency market. Valuable support and analyses can be key in making appropriate investment decisions amidst market turmoil.