“Lions of the Digital World: The History of Lionsgate Network”

Bezalel Eithan Raviv – Founder of Lionsgate Network

Bezalel Eithan Raviv, a former member of the Israel Defense Forces Cyber Unit 8200, decided to leverage his experience and knowledge in the field of digital security by establishing the Lionsgate Network platform. The company specializes in recovering funds for investors who have fallen victim to fraud in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Lionsgate Network Services

Lionsgate Network offers professional services for recovering funds from cryptocurrency scams, boasting an impressive success rate of recovering an average of $53.5 billion USD annually. An example of the challenges the company has faced includes a client who lost $200,000 USD in a complex cryptocurrency investment.

Company Operations

Lionsgate Network operates in three main departments: blockchain analysis, cyber intelligence, and AML/frauds. Faced with increasing financial security challenges in the cryptocurrency sector, the company focuses on tracking transactions, identifying individuals responsible for fraud, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies.

Challenges in the Cryptocurrency Sector

Scammers employ various tactics to deceive both young and elderly investors through social media platforms. Therefore, Lionsgate Network not only tracks cryptocurrency transactions but also integrates the efforts of various departments to effectively recover funds.

Cryptocurrency Frauds

It is estimated that over $53 billion USD is lost annually in the USA due to cryptocurrency-related scams. Hence, when advising individuals interested in trading cryptocurrencies, caution is advised to avoid fraud and to invest after thorough research of the situation.