KuCoin Earn: Bitcoin Rewards – Halving Campaign!

KuCoin Earn Announces Campaign Ahead of Bitcoin Halving

KuCoin Earn, a cryptocurrency investment platform, has announced a special subscription campaign in anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving. This time, users have the opportunity to earn standard profits and participate in a prize pool worth a total of $5,000 in BTC and $100 in futures contract trial funds.

Campaign Dates and Participation Conditions

The campaign will start on March 28, 2024, at 09:00 AM and will run until April 18, 2024, at 09:00 AM (UTC). To participate, users must subscribe to at least $1,000 in Bitcoin-related products offered by KuCoin Earn.

Rewards and Contest Rules

Throughout the campaign, rewards will be distributed to the top one hundred KuCoin Earn users with the highest total subscription to BTC-related products. The received rewards will depend on the user’s position in the ranking list.

As a result of this campaign, there will also be an incentive for new users who subscribe to KuCoin Earn products worth at least $100. These individuals will receive $100 in trial funds to use on futures contracts.

Participation Conditions and Investment Responsibility

Participation conditions include subscribing to BTC-related products and registering on the event page. It is important to note that both sub-accounts and main user accounts are combined when analyzing subscriptions.

KuCoin Earn is an investment channel with inherent risks, so investors should participate rationally, being aware of the investment risk involved. KuCoin Group reserves the ultimate right to interpret the campaign rules.


The KuCoin Earn campaign in anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving not only provides users with the opportunity for standard profits but also lucrative rewards in the form of futures contract trial funds. However, it is essential to remember investment responsibility and the awareness of investment risks.