KleverChain: Innovative Platform for Decentralized Applications.

KleverChain – an efficient and scalable blockchain platform for decentralized applications

KleverChain is an innovative hub of the blockchain ecosystem, providing efficient and scalable infrastructure of public blockchain for decentralized applications (dApps). Focusing on security, speed, and developer-friendliness, KleverChain is becoming an increasingly popular choice for projects based on blockchain technology.

KVM – Key technology ensuring KleverChain’s performance

KVM (Klever Virtual Machine) is a key technology that enhances the performance and flexibility of KleverChain. With KVM, developers can create more advanced and efficient applications, leveraging the full potential of the platform.

ITO on KleverScan – transparency and trust in the token offering process

Implementing ITO pages on KleverScan simplifies the token offering process, increasing transparency and trust among investors. This allows projects to reach potential users faster and attract more attention in the market.

Successful Projects on KleverChain

Among the successful projects on KleverChain, initiatives such as Devikins, Dexbet, Pandemic Multiverse, and KunaiKash stand out. Each of these projects utilizes blockchain technology in an innovative way, contributing to the development of the KleverChain ecosystem.

Devikins – revolutionizing the world of NFT-based games

Devikins offers a strategic game with a focus on NFTs, redefining expectations for blockchain-based games. By leveraging blockchain technology, Devikins creates unique experiences for players and collectors.

Dexbet.win – an online gambling platform using blockchain

Dexbet.win is an online gambling platform that provides participants with fair and transparent results through blockchain technology. This ensures that players can enjoy entertainment safely, with confidence in the transparency of the processes.

Pandemic Multiverse – token-based entertainment

Pandemic Multiverse offers entertainment in the form of games and rewards, using the PMD token as an internal unit. This innovative approach to integrating blockchain in the entertainment industry is attracting increasing attention from the community.

KunaiKash – merging the world of memes with blockchain

KunaiKash combines the world of memes with real value, and the profit-sharing model benefits KUNAI token holders. This project creates unique community experiences, inspiring others to explore the opportunities of blockchain.


KleverChain not only provides efficient and scalable infrastructure for decentralized applications, but also enables the development of innovative projects through KleverScan. With a wide range of tools and infrastructure developed by Klever, the blockchain ecosystem is becoming increasingly accessible and attractive to developers and investors.

However, it is important to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects carries risks and requires careful analysis before making investment decisions.