Investors show a great interest in Bitcoin – why?

High Levels of Flows Related to Bitcoin ETF Market Anticipated

According to the analytical company Santiment, flows related to the Bitcoin ETF market are forecasted to remain at high levels until the upcoming Bitcoin halving scheduled for April 20. The company has observed that the volume of Bitcoin ETFs has not slowed down since the cryptocurrency reached its historical peak in mid-March.

Transactions Among the Largest Bitcoin-Linked ETF Funds

As per Islamicy from Santiment, transactions with a daily volume of up to 3.19 billion dollars are taking place among the seven largest Bitcoin-linked ETF funds. In March, the volume of Bitcoin spot ETFs rose to 111 billion dollars, almost tripling from the previous month.

Increased Flows into Major ETF Funds Ahead of the Bitcoin Halving

At the end of last week, increased flows into two major Bitcoin-linked ETF funds were recorded, with over 200 million dollars in net inflows between April 4 and 5. Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, predicts a doubling of the cryptocurrency market value mainly due to ETF funds and the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

Steady Outflow from the Grayscale ETF Fund

It is worth noting that since transforming into an ETF fund in mid-January, Grayscale has been experiencing a steady outflow. The latest outflow reached 738 million dollars, totaling 294,313 BTC flowing out of this product.

To sum up, flows related to the Bitcoin ETF market remain at high levels, with investors showing significant interest in the cryptocurrency ahead of the upcoming halving. The outlook for the cryptocurrency market seems promising, and ETF funds play a significant role in its dynamics.