“Investment Surprises: What Is the ETF Rocks Moonsters Platform Preparing?”

ETF Rocks Moonsters: Updates and Planned Initiatives

ETF Rocks Moonsters, an innovative investment platform, regularly provides its users with updates on the latest behind-the-scenes events. Read on to learn about the strategies and initiatives it has in store for its community.

Contacting CoinMarketCap and Listing Plans

ETF Rocks Moonsters is actively working towards getting listed on CoinMarketCap. Despite the lack of response, the team remains determined and will continue attempts to establish contact until this goal is achieved.

Bitcoin Halving: Opportunity to Strengthen User Base

The upcoming Bitcoin Halving presents an excellent opportunity to attract new users. ETF Rocks Moonsters plans to leverage this event to gain additional momentum. You can track the countdown live here.

Launch on Base and Rewards for Holders

The platform is ready to launch on Base, with the ultimate launch date set for the day of the Bitcoin Halving. Long-term holders will be rewarded with a surprise on the release day. The team is excited about the new development and its impact on the ecosystem.

Alpha App and New Server

The new aggregating app, Alpha, is still in development, but due to preparations for the Base launch and the configuration of a new server, the release has been delayed. The acquired server aims to strengthen the platform’s back office, hardware, and hosting.

Tracking Progress and Community Energy

For additional details and full project updates, feel free to visit the ETF Rocks Moonsters page on GitHub. The platform’s progress is fueled by community enthusiasm and engagement; we encourage you to stay tuned for exciting developments.

Remember, the team always values your feedback and suggestions. Let’s develop the ETF Rocks Moonsters community together! #ETF #BitcoinHalving #Blockchain #CryptoCommunity