“Intriguing blackmail at Incognito Market: threat of revealing confidential information”

Incognito Market on the Darknet – Extortion and Threats to Users

The platform Incognito Market, operating on the darknet and connecting drug sellers with potential buyers, is currently sparking serious controversies and concerns due to the extortion issues faced by both sellers and buyers.

Extortion and Threat of Confidential Information Disclosure

Extortionists on the platform threaten to disclose confidential data such as private conversations, transactions, and order information. Unfortunately, even information that was meant to be secure or deleted can be used for extortion purposes.

Threat to Incognito Market Users

Reports indicate that a full set of 557 thousand orders and 862 thousand cryptocurrency transaction IDs may be published by the end of May this year. There is a fear that extortionists may demand even larger sums from users after receiving ransom.

Protection from Law Enforcement in Exchange for Payment

The portal offers the possibility to protect information from law enforcement eyes, but it comes with the need to pay a fee ranging from 100 to as high as 20,000 dollars, depending on the role the person holds in the market.

It is therefore important to exercise caution and think twice about your actions on the darknet to avoid potential threats and financial losses.

Incident Reports

More information about extortion and threats related to the operations of Incognito Market can be found in the report by Krebs on Security, which reveals the behind-the-scenes of this increasingly dangerous situation on the darknet.