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Innovative LAKE Ecosystem (LAK3) – Revolution in the Water Sector!

LAKE (LAK3) – revolution in the water sector using blockchain technology

LAKE (LAK3) is an innovative Web3 ecosystem that aims to transform the global water economy by utilizing blockchain technology and Real World Assets (RWA). Through engagement in social activities and industry events, LAKE has become an important player in fostering innovation in water resource management.

LAKE Presentation at the London Blockchain Conference

As part of its commitment, LAKE will be a sponsor of the London Blockchain Conference, where Ahad Ali, Director of Communications at LAKE, will present the role of blockchain and RWA in the future of the water sector. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss innovative solutions related to leveraging blockchain technology to address global water-related challenges.

Meet the LAKE team at booth E12

Attendees of the conference can visit the LAKE booth (E12) to learn more about the project and meet the LAKE team. The Media and Events Manager, Cherence de Beney, is available at for media inquiries and interested business partners.

LAKE CEO on the potential of blockchain technology in the water sector

Jean-Hugues Gavarini, CEO of LAKE, emphasizes that technologies like blockchain and Real World Assets have significant potential to enhance water resource management. LAKE is committed to ensuring fair and decentralized access to water worldwide, reshaping the way people interact with this essential resource.

LAKE (LAK3) is not just another blockchain-based project, but a mission to change the way people perceive and utilize water, starting from purchases, distribution, to matters of donations and environmental protection.

We encourage you to visit the LAKE website and reach out to the project team to learn more about this revolutionary approach to the water sector and potential collaboration opportunities.