InfiniGods Partners with Arbitrum: Integrating Blockchain Technology with the Mobile Game King of Destiny Web3

InfiniGods Partners with Arbitrum to Integrate Blockchain Technology with InfiniGods‘ King of Destiny Web3 Mobile Game

InfiniGods recently announced a partnership with Arbitrum, a leading layer-two solution for blockchain technology. The strategic alliance aims to integrate blockchain technology with the popular mobile game, InfiniGods‘ King of Destiny Web3.

Integrating King of Destiny Game with the Arbitrum Gaming Ecosystem

Through integration with the Arbitrum-based gaming ecosystem, players of the King of Destiny game will have access to advanced blockchain features. This includes invisible wallets, fast transactions, and a dynamic mobile market, significantly enhancing the gaming experience.

King Of Destiny – “Luck-Battle” Game Inspired by CoinMaster and MonopolyGo

King of Destiny is a “Luck-Battle” game inspired by popular titles like CoinMaster and MonopolyGo. Players take on the roles of heroes, battle, build empires, and conquer civilizations, striving to gain fame and wealth in the dynamic game world.

InfiniGods – Startup Founded in 2021

InfiniGods is backed by a startup founded in 2021 by Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue. The team consists of experienced specialists in Web3 technology and former employees of renowned companies such as Scopely, Zynga, and Machine Zone.

Arbitrum One – Fast and Affordable Blockchain Solution for Ethereum

Arbitrum One is a layer-two solution for Ethereum offering fast and affordable transactions while ensuring security through the use of Optimistic Rollup technology. This enables InfiniGods to introduce new blockchain-related features to the King of Destiny game, such as the unique Fate currency, Piggy Banks, and acquiring rare Avatars.

Dynamic Arbitrum Ecosystem and the Future of Nitro Technology

Arbitrum boasts a dynamic ecosystem, attracting top teams and games from the blockchain gaming sector. This collaboration with Arbitrum allows InfiniGods to acquire new users faster and develop the game platform further.

It is worth noting that Arbitrum One was launched in August 2021 and transitioned to Nitro technology in August 2022, enabling features like fraud proofs in the Geth engine, opening up new possibilities for technological advancement.