How are blockchain and artificial intelligence changing logistics?

Pairpoint and Sensos Companies Collaborate to Combat Supply Chain Fraud

Pairpoint, a blockchain technology venture and part of Vodafone and the Japanese trading company Sumitomo Corporation, has partnered with the innovative company Sensos, a spin-off from Sony Semiconductor Israel. Their goal is to effectively counteract fraud in the supply chain by utilizing modern technologies.

Testing the Solution in the USA and Europe

A logistics operator from the USA, Unilog, is currently conducting tests on a joint solution developed by Pairpoint and Sensos in the United States and Europe. These actions are part of a broader plan aimed at improving the security and transparency of the supply chain.

Vodafone and Sumitomo Joint-Venture in IoT Field

In 2023, Vodafone and Sumitomo announced a joint-venture (in an 80/20 ratio) to deliver automated Internet of Things (IoT) transactions based on blockchain technology. The project, named “Economy of Things,” aims to streamline logistics operations through the use of innovative solutions.

Innovative Solutions by Sensos

Sensos, a spin-off from Sony Semiconductor Israel, has introduced an innovative label equipped with IoT sensors to the market. This solution has found applications in renowned companies such as Bayer and DB Schenker. The company is developing its product as a proactive tool for supply chain management, utilizing a unique AI-based control tower.

Transparency and Counterfeit Resistance

Thanks to the partnership between Pairpoint and Sensos, it is possible to accurately record every movement of goods using blockchain technology and smart contracts. This ensures full transparency in the supply chain and provides higher resistance to attempts of falsifying documents or goods.

Logistics Solution Testing in the USA and Europe

Unilog is currently conducting tests on multiple locations in the United States and Europe. Unilog’s CEO, Osi Tagger, emphasizes the crucial role of modern technologies in effective supply chain management, which can lead to an overall improvement in the logistics system.

The Potential of Technology in the Logistics Industry

Jorge Bento, CEO of Pairpoint, has recognized the tremendous potential of blockchain technology adaptation in the supply chain industry, which can bring many benefits in streamlining logistical processes and ensuring transaction security.

Enhanced Security through Blockchain and AI Integration

Aviv Castro, CEO of Sensos, highlights that combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence allows companies to achieve greater security and flexibility in supply chain management. This enables more effective monitoring and faster response to any irregularities in the transportation and storage of goods.