Halving Bitcoin: forecasts and perspectives of altcoins

Bitcoin Halving – How Will the Reward Reduction Impact the Cryptocurrency?

Mid-April this year marks the occurrence of the Bitcoin Halving event, which is expected to significantly influence the cryptocurrency market. Halving involves cutting the rewards for miners in half, aiming to control inflation and reduce the supply of this popular cryptocurrency. Therefore, cryptocurrency analysts have diverse opinions on the future trajectory of Bitcoin after the Halving.

Predictions Post-Halving

One of the most optimistic predictions after the Halving comes from Samson Mow, suggesting that Bitcoin could surge up to $1 million still this year. Other bullish scenarios envision Bitcoin rising to $100,000 according to Tom Dunleavy, and up to $150,000 as per the predictions of Tom Lee. However, not everyone holds such optimistic views.

JPMorgan anticipates a Bitcoin drop even to $42,000 post-Halving, mainly due to increased production costs and mining difficulties. This implies that there might be some turbulence in the cryptocurrency market after the Halving, potentially affecting Bitcoin’s value.

Altcoins Worth Watching

Aside from Bitcoin, it’s worth paying attention to several other cryptocurrencies that may exhibit interesting trends post-Halving. Solana (SOL), ADA, and XRP are among the altcoins worth observing.

Solana is generating significant market interest, with analysts like Jake Gagain predicting SOL’s price could rise up to $750, representing a potentially lucrative investment. ADA, on the other hand, has historically shown growth delays before the final start of a bull run, with projections reaching up to $11. XRP, despite modest gains this year, may reach even $27 according to analysts like Egraga Crypto.


The Bitcoin Halving event and forecasts regarding future prices of this cryptocurrency and other altcoins are stirring up much excitement and speculation in the market. Diverse opinions among analysts require investors to be cautious and balanced when making investment decisions. After the Halving, the cryptocurrency market may undergo a period of change and uncertainty, making it crucial to monitor current trends and analyses to make informed decisions in the realm of cryptocurrency investments.