“Halving, Accumulation Patterns, and Market Sentiment: Hashoni’s Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Market”

Hashoni’s Analysis: The Recent Surge in Bitcoin Price and Whale Accumulation Patterns

A video from the YouTube channel Santiment provides interesting insights from Hashoni, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst, regarding the recent surge in Bitcoin price. The expert also analyzes whale accumulation patterns and the potential impact of the upcoming halving event on the cryptocurrency market.

The Largest Accumulation Period in the History of the Cryptocurrency Market

Recently, the largest accumulation for large wallets in the history of the cryptocurrency market has been observed. Wallets holding between 10 to 10,000 BTC have amassed a significant amount of cryptocurrency. The total holdings of these large wallets have reached 13.9 million BTC, the highest result since July 2022. The share of these wallets in the total Bitcoin supply has also peaked since July 6, 2023.

Forecasts and Risks for the Cryptocurrency Market

Hashoni forecasts that in the coming weeks, there will be more opportunities for accumulation as stakeholders anticipate at least one minor dip before the halving period. However, there is a potential risk of price retracement due to intense buying activity from large wallets in the market.

The Impact of Market Sentiment on Altcoins

The analysis indicates that market sentiment significantly influences the positive trading results of alternative cryptocurrencies. Altcoins such as Ethereum, Solana, Fantom, and FLOKI have experienced significant price increases. It is expected that the positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin and altcoins will allow them to recover after a two-week decline.

Advice for Investors

Hashoni and experts recommend making objective investment decisions in cryptocurrency trading. It is important to avoid blindly following the noise on social media and to keep a cool head when making financial decisions.