Great expectations before Bitcoin futures contracts expire

Approaching Expiry of Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Tomorrow marks the expiry of futures contracts worth around 15 billion dollars related to Bitcoin, which is a significant event in the cryptocurrency market. This is the last monthly expiry before the next BTC halving, attracting attention from investors worldwide.

Value of Contracts on Derebit Platform

On the Derebit platform, the Bitcoin futures contract expiring on March 29 accounts for approximately 40% of the total value of 26.3 billion dollars. This is another important factor affecting trading volumes in the cryptocurrency market and shaping Bitcoin’s perception as an investment instrument.

Record Interest Ahead of Halving

Compared to the previous Bitcoin halving in May 2020, we are currently witnessing record levels of open interest in options and futures contracts leading up to the halving planned for 2024. This indicates a growing interest from investors and cryptocurrency traders ahead of key moments in Bitcoin’s lifecycle.

Institutional Influence on the Crypto Market

The current open interest suggests a rising involvement of institutions and increasing market liquidity, thanks to the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in January. This demonstrates a growing trust in cryptocurrencies as investment assets.

Optimism Before the Halving

The sudden interest from cryptocurrency traders ahead of the upcoming Bitcoin halving signifies optimism for the future prices of this cryptocurrency. Investors are seeking opportunities to profit in view of Bitcoin’s supply reduction and its potential price increase.

Anti-inflationary Actions in the Bitcoin Network

After every 210,000 blocks processed in the Bitcoin network, the miner reward is halved, serving as one of the anti-inflationary measures and leading to increased scarcity of Bitcoin. This is a key mechanism to maintain the value of this cryptocurrency and shield it from inflation.

Changing Environment of Halvings

The Bitcoin environment during successive halvings has evolved, with the increased institutional interest evident in the higher open interest in contracts before the 2020 halving. This confirms the evolution of the cryptocurrency market and its adaptation to the needs of a growing number of investors.


Relative to the 2020 halving, the current open Bitcoin contracts are seven times larger, indicating a growing interest from investors and cryptocurrency traders. Ahead lies an exciting time in the cryptocurrency market, which could bring significant changes and opportunities for all engaged in this dynamic investment sector.