“GEOBOX software for Raspberry Pi – an anonymous tool for cybercriminals on Telegram”

Cybercriminals Offer GEOBOX Software for Raspberry Pi on Telegram

Cybercriminals using Telegram as a sales platform are offering special software called “GEOBOX” designed for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. This tool allows even inexperienced hackers to turn the Raspberry Pi into an anonymous tool for conducting cyber attacks.

Pricing and Purchase Terms of GEOBOX

GEOBOX is available on Telegram channels for a fee of $80 per month or $700 for a lifetime license, payable in cryptocurrencies. This payment method ensures anonymity for both the seller and the buyer.

Discovery of the Tool by Resecurity Analysts

During an investigation into a major bank theft affecting a Fortune 100 company, analysts at Resecurity stumbled upon the GEOBOX software. Upon analyzing this tool, they warned that it is a highly effective tool that can make it difficult for law enforcement agencies to trace the activities of cybercriminals.

Features and Capabilities of GEOBOX

Researchers list the main capabilities of GEOBOX, which include GPS data spoofing, Wi-Fi network emulation, circumvention of anti-fraud protections, IP address masking through anonymous proxies, and support for VPN protocols.


  • Focuses on frauds and anonymization.
  • Is ideal for illegal online activities.
  • Can be used for coordinating cyberattacks, operations on the darknet, financial fraud, malware distribution, or disinformation campaigns.

Availability and Utility of GEOBOX for Cybercriminals

Although GEOBOX does not introduce new features unavailable in other tools, its comprehensive and simple interface makes it ideal for individuals seeking a quick deployment of a new hacking tool. The availability and user-friendliness make GEOBOX particularly appealing to novice cybercriminals reaching for such tools for the first time.